VoIP Phone Systems

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VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems are the best way to communicate in the 21st century. VoIP systems provide users with enterprise-level phone features and functionality while at the time offering amazing cost saving abilities.

How It Works

VoIP phone systems use the internet connection that you are probably already paying for to carry your voice to the old fashioned phone network. By using your internet connection to bypass your existing phone company, you can save an average of 30-50% off of your monthly phone bill and sometimes more! Because the entire network is completely digital, you can enjoy better call quality and you can take advantage of lots of additional features that could improve the efficiency of your business. Greater staff efficiency is yet another way VoIP can save you money! Here is an example of how a multi-site network could work.

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You should also know that all calls within a local network are completely free. So in the example above, calls made from the New York office to the Australia office are completely free because the phones are on the same VoIP network. VoIP is location independent so, with an internet connection, you can have an office phone anywhere!

Want to keep your existing phone provider? No problem. All Allworx phone systems can be configured to use existing phone lines from your current phone provider, but you still get to enjoy all of the other VoIP benefits!

It's All About The Features

Extremely Flexible

VoIP systems easily expand to meet your needs as your business grows in size and locations.

Presence Management

Let others know when you are busy and have calls re-routed to somewhere else automatically.

Multi-site Integration

Streamline communication between offices in different cities, states, or even countries.

Unified Messaging

Get your voicemail via email and/or be notified of missed calls via text message.

Call Forwarding

Easily and even automatically forward calls to any other phone number.

Call Distribution

Automatically distribute heavy phone traffic to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee workloads.

Call Assistant

Efficiently view, record, and transfer incoming calls on a heads-up display for fast call processing.

System History

View detailed statistics and logs for your system including call durations, hold times, and employee performance.

Many More Features

Including caller ID, conferencing, paging, call queuing, direct lines, auto attendants, and dual language support.

The Hardware

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Prestige Computer Solutions is an Authorized Allworx VoIP System Dealer and Installer. Allworx is a proven, high quality VoIP hardware manufacturer that has been honored with many awards for its excellent hardware and cutting-edge functionality. All of the above features are available with an Allworx VoIP system at a price that is surprisingly low. While the systems offer a wide range of features and abilities, they are user friendly and setup is quick. Existing customers will be happy to learn that Allworx VoIP systems will also be supported and maintained as part of your existing service agreement, so you don't have to worry about who to call with questions. Offering VoIP service is simply another way we take care of all our customers' needs. To get phone service for as little as $7 per month and to take advantages of all the features mentioned above, give us a call!

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