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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

We ensure the health of your computer network, so you don't have to.

IT problems can creep up on you. When they do, they’ll be inconvenient and often expensive. Wouldn’t you sleep better at night knowing your infrastructure is under round-the-clock watch of IT experts? Our Managed Services provide continuous computer and network monitoring using the most powerful Professional Services tools in the industry.

Whether you have an in-house IT staff who needs occasional help; or you need a complete managed IT services provider we're here for you
Let our team of certified experts help your business
Quick Response - Guaranteed

Quick Response - Guaranteed

Prompt Service Guarantee

Our managed service plan clients will have one (or more) of our support engineers address your problem fast and efficiently. Service will be done remotely if possible, but will be done onsite if needed - with no additional charges or fees.

Clients without a managed service plan will receive prompt service, but managed service plan clients do take priority.

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, Unlimited Support, Patch Management, Automation, Network Early Warning System etc..

VoIP Phone Systems

Gain valuable features and Save up to 50% on your business phone bill

Business Class Email

Contract-free w/cellphone ActiveSync, anti-spam, anti-virus and backup

Managed Security Services

24/7/365 Protection, managed real-time antivirus, advanced firewalls, encryption & more

Managed Backup Solutions

Hassle-free, affordable, automated remote backups to multiple secure locations

Managed Healthcare IT

HIPAA & EMR/EHR consultation, installation, optimization & support

Web & Graphic Design

Graphic & Web Design, SEO, PPC advertising and Social Media management services

Corporate Photography

Employee portraits, product, architectural, advertising and social media photography

  • Parts Central, Inc.

    Parts Central, Inc.

    You all did an excellent job getting our old scanners hooked up to the new Wireless. The whole warehouse thought the tech was a real hero. No one wanted another day of paper pulling. Thanks Prestige Computers, job well done!

    Mike Benton
    Parts Central, Inc.
  • Cornerstone Medical Associates

    Cornerstone Medical Associates

    I like that you are very knowledgeable and your employees are professional and courteous. I think that is one of the key things if they handle themselves professionally and are courteous which is not easy in the environment they have to work. Many of the people they come in contact with are frustrated and want to blame all technical things on IT even if it’s not really an IT issue. If they remain calm and explain the situation, it will usually ease the frustration of the customer.

    I also like if they don’t know the answer they don’t act like they do, they let you know that they will research the situation and get back with us.

    Debbie Alverson
    Cornerstone Medical Management
  • Westmoreland Patterson Moseley & Hinson LLP

    Westmoreland Patterson Moseley & Hinson LLP

    I like the fact that I can get in touch with you or one of your employees whenever I need something ASAP. That’s very rare and it makes a huge impression. As you know when a computer dies, it’s like the world has come to an end and you are the miracle worker.

    I also like the fact that your employees are always professional and dressed with your logo so that everyone knows who they are. They are pleasant and willing to offer advice and/or services even if it’s not why they are here.

    Johnny Wilkes III
    Westmoreland Patterson Moseley & Hinson LLP
  • Gilmer Warehouse & Logistics

    Gilmer Warehouse & Logistics

    I like the fact that everybody at Prestige seems to care. Everyone is friendly and easy to deal with. You offer many services that I could find other places online (backup, remote). You also offer services that I could probably not find online(hardware setup). You have integrated all these services into one local vendor.

    Because of Prestige, I do not have to be an expert in technology. I have trusted Prestige to keep all of our systems running and our information secure.

    Aaron Gilmer
    Gilmer Warehouse & Logistics
  • Tommy Gibson Builders

    Tommy Gibson Builders

    I think the biggest attribute you have over all the other IT guys is your understanding of our business needs. It is very hard to explain to most IT guys. Prompt solutions of course is a big deal

    Tommy Gibson
    tommy gibson builders
  • Forrest B. Johnson & Associates

    Forrest B. Johnson & Associates

    We love the responsiveness of Prestige and the knowledge you have about our IT needs. We wouldn’t change a thing! You guys are great!

    Markeisha Chisholm
    Forrest B. Johnson & Associates
  • Central Georgia Medical Care Network

    Central Georgia Medical Care Network

    I like Prestige Computers because it is a local company, one I can call and get immediate response. The personal are pleasant and eager to assist it at any time. They are efficient in their work and the staff is knowledgeable from front office to IT professionals.

    Esther H. Yarbrough
    Central Georgia Medical Care Network
  • Houston Oncology

    Houston Oncology

    We have had many "I.T." companies and/or individuals who have solicited our business with offers of savings and better support. Before we employed the services of Prestige, we made the mistake of contracting one such individual and it was financially disastrous without any solutions provided. When I called Prestige to help, your company provided a team to solve the problems with economical solutions and excellent service. Prestige had our network, necessary computers, printers, and EHR system up and running in less time than was estimated.

    We appreciate the professionalism and dedication with which the staff of Prestige provides us in regard to any of our concerns and/or needs. We also appreciate the integrity, professionalism and knowledge of each of Prestige's I.T. technicians and their support team. I highly recommend the excellent services that are provided by Prestige Computer Solutions and am happy to speak with any potential clients with regard to our recommendations.

    Robin Sisco
    Houston Oncology, LLC
  • Women's Specialty Care

    Women's Specialty Care

    We don’t have to wait a long time when we have a problem. If I have a “quick” question there is usually someone there that can answer it. If something is under warranty, PCS takes care of that. PCS lets us know ahead of time is major changes are being implemented (Windows) and we have time to prepare. Courteous and knowledgeable staff...

    Nicole Wynn
    Women's Specialty Care
  • Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative

    Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative

    Well, we like Prestige Computers because you were recommended to us by Flint Energy. They are a SEDC cooperative client also, so you have knowledge about what our software vendor requires.

    We have been very pleased with your services. I have never failed to get a quick response and solution to anything I have ever called about.

    Lisa Greeson
    Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative
  • Boland Prosthetics & Orthotics

    Boland Prosthetics & Orthotics

    I trust that you guys are knowledgeable and dependable. You're doing a good job.

    Thanks for everything.

    Paul Boland
    Boland Prosthetics
  • Rakesh Kumar MD

    Rakesh Kumar MD

    We love Prestige here at Dr. Kumar's office. I have always gotten excellent service from your company. Knowledgeable staff and technicians!!! Especially Michael and Casey!! I wouldn't change a thing.

    It is especially nice to call and actually speak with a person that cares about your problem and does everything to help get it resolved.

    Donna Hogan
    Dr. Kumar's Office
  • Dr Taube Office Cornerstone Medical

    Dr Taube Office Cornerstone Medical

    Tech came right over. He took care of our request with no hesitation . He was also very nice.

    Penny Stripling
    Dr Taube Office Cornerstone Medical
  • Gilmer Warehouse & Logistics

    Gilmer Warehouse & Logistics

    Emails were being blocked, I got fast response and didn't have to think twice about the issue. Thanks

    Aaron Gilmer
    Gilmer Warehouse & Logistics
  • Macon GA Convention

    Macon GA Convention

    Just want to thank the prestige computer solutions staff for all the do the Macon Bibb CVB.

    Irish Hubbard
    Macon GA Convention .
  • Eagle Springs

    Prestige does an exceptional job in keeping the Eagle Springs security cameras operating. Pestige is very fast in responding to any problems we have with our security cameras

    David Bumpus
    Eagle Springs Community