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Knowing When to Change Your IT Provider: A Prudent Decision for Business Success

05 May, 2023

Making the decision to change your IT provider is not an easy task. It can be a daunting and stressful process to find a new provider who meets your high standards and prioritizes your best interests. As a result, many companies choose to stick with their current provider, even when they are dissatisfied with the services they receive.

While this approach may work for some businesses, it may not be sustainable if your company is experiencing losses due to subpar service without even realizing it. How do you determine if it’s time to change your IT provider? Here are five telltale signs to watch out for:

1. Lack of a Dedicated IT Team

When engaging with an IT provider or managed services provider, it’s crucial to have a dedicated contact person or team who understands your business, corporate goals, and how to align them with the right IT services to achieve optimal results. Relying on whoever answers the phone without a dedicated team may result in miscommunication and inadequate support.

There are two places where teams can define variables:

2. Absence of a Monthly Contract

Paying your IT provider by the hour or for every service request may not be cost-effective for your business. If your provider fails to address the root cause of an issue, and you find yourself repeatedly contacting them and incurring additional charges, it’s time to consider a change. Look for an IT provider that offers a fixed monthly contract, irrespective of the number of support requests.

3. Reliance on Outdated Resources

Technology evolves rapidly, and what may have been innovative when your provider initially implemented it could now be outdated. A reliable managed service provider understands the need to upgrade resources continually. They strive to offer you services that align with current industry standards, ensuring your business remains competitive and efficient.

4. Insufficient Data Security Measures

In today’s business landscape, data security is of paramount importance. Cyber threats are increasing in frequency and sophistication, requiring constant vigilance. If you feel that your IT provider is not providing adequate cybersecurity solutions, regardless of their other strengths, it’s crucial to consider a change. Protecting your business from potential breaches and data loss should be a top priority.

5. Delayed Response Times

When you reach out to your IT provider, they should respond promptly, especially during critical network issues or system failures. Every second wasted can have significant financial implications for your business. Effective communication and a swift response, along with a proposed solution, demonstrate the level of support and commitment you should expect from your IT provider.

In Conclusion, Making the Right Decision

While the allure of sticking with your current provider may be strong due to familiarity, it may come at the cost of continued losses, wasted resources, and missed business opportunities. If you are contemplating a change, our company is prepared and equipped to step in. With a wide range of managed services tailored to various industries, we can serve as your trusted IT partner. Contact us today for a complimentary evaluation of your network, computer systems, security protocols, and technology needs. Let us help you drive your business forward with confidence.

05 May, 2023