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Is Your Internet Router Secure? Addressing Vulnerabilities

31 May, 2018

In recent news reports, there has been coverage of cyberattacks involving hackers gaining unauthorized access to internet routers, potentially compromising sensitive information such as passwords. This raises the important question of the extent to which your security might be at risk and whether this is a concern that warrants your attention.

For businesses equipped with legitimate firewalls as opposed to basic routers, the risk associated with this particular issue is considerably reduced. However, if you acquired your router from a retail store, there is a possibility of vulnerability. If you find yourself uncertain about the type of device you have, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our experts can swiftly assess your firewall and internet setup, providing you with the clarity you need.

Primarily affecting home users equipped with retail-store-type routers, this issue is attributed to vulnerabilities in certain routers’ firmware codes. These vulnerabilities grant hackers the ability to manipulate crucial router settings. One such manipulation involves altering the Domain Name Server (DNS) settings and redirecting internet requests to malicious servers and counterfeit websites. This scenario has the potential to lead to malware infiltration on your devices or compromise your online identity and accounts—a situation no one wants to encounter.

To ascertain the security of your router and minimize potential risks, you can employ one of several available free tools. By visiting a specific page on the F-Secure website and utilizing the provided tool, you can swiftly assess your router’s settings. This tool rapidly examines your router’s configuration to identify any changes that may indicate unauthorized alterations. The results of this brief assessment will be immediately displayed on your screen, ensuring transparency in your router’s security status.

For reference, here is a list of routers that have exhibited increased vulnerabilities.

Should uncertainty persist or if you receive concerning results, we urge you to contact us right away. Our team is equipped to provide expert guidance and solutions to ensure your router’s security and your peace of mind.

31 May, 2018