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Return to the Workplace: Essential Supplies and Practices

04 August, 2021

As the world gradually returns to traditional office settings following the Covid-19 pandemic, workplaces are revisiting their back-to-work supplies and procedures. The pandemic has prompted a reevaluation of work and the work environment, leading to a surge in successful remote work arrangements and discussions around the future of hybrid workforces.

Recognizing the emerging trend of remote workers choosing not to return to the office, it is crucial for companies to listen to their concerns and address them accordingly. This task presents challenges. In this week’s blog, we aim to shed light on this subject and provide insights into the necessary back-to-work supplies for those returning to office spaces.

Conference Room Supplies for Productive Collaboration

The widespread adoption of remote work has spurred advancements in technology to facilitate remote collaboration. Numerous innovative collaboration tools have emerged as a result. One notable example is conference room technology, such as a webcam that can track the speaker. Unlike standard home webcams, conference room webcams enable seamless participation of the entire conference room by capturing any speaker through their 360° panning capabilities. This device significantly enhances collaboration in conference rooms where participants can be both in-person and remote.

Another valuable tool for collaborative conference rooms is the interactive whiteboard. Resembling traditional whiteboards, these large-scale touch screen computers facilitate the collaborative sharing of ideas and information, finding application not only in school classrooms but also in professional settings.

Enabling Focus and Concentration in the Work Environment

Many remote employees have become accustomed to the quiet and focused atmosphere of their home offices. Returning to a bustling work environment can be distracting, with phone calls, office conversations, and noisy equipment like printers and photocopiers. To ease this transition, providing noise-canceling headsets for the workforce can be an effective solution. These headsets help individuals readjust to a noisier environment while working, especially during conference calls conducted in open spaces on platforms like Teams or Zoom. Conference calls are likely to remain a prevalent aspect of work-life, and noise-canceling headsets help manage background noise and ensure clear communication.

Creating a Work Environment Reminiscent of Home

Despite the initial challenges of remote work, it offered several positive aspects that can be emulated in the office environment. To foster a smoother return and ease workers back into their desks, considering back-to-work supplies that mimic home environments can be beneficial. Incorporating soft furnishings, plants, refreshments, and similar elements can contribute to a more comfortable and familiar setting.

Adapting Work Practices for an Evolving Workforce

Allowing dogs in the workplace has been a favorable choice for many remote workers over the past year, providing companionship and other associated benefits. However, this decision requires careful consideration and planning.

As the past year has seen an increase in loungewear sales due to the shift to remote work, employers can consider relaxing dress codes to accommodate the comfort and productivity experienced during remote work. Rethinking the necessity of formal attire, such as suits and jackets, may align with evolving work dynamics.

Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

It is essential not to overlook the significance of work-life balance. One of the advantages of remote work has been the elimination of commuting, allowing for more free time. Structuring a workforce schedule that ensures work-life balance for all employees is valuable. Options like hybrid working and flexible working hours should be considered to accommodate individual needs.

We hope these tips assist in a smoother transition for remote employees returning to the office. If you require assistance with upgrading or implementing new technologies for this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to facilitating a seamless transition and making your work easier.

04 August, 2021