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The Evolving Landscape: Technology Post-COVID-19

29 May, 2020

In the wake of significant global changes, it is essential to assess the current state of affairs, particularly in relation to technology, communication, and the future workforce. As businesses gradually look towards the future, let’s delve into the shifts and opportunities that lie ahead.

Communication Transformed

During the pandemic, the saying “We’ll now see which meetings really could be emails” became popular. While many organizations have embraced chat platforms like Teams for streamlined communication, an even more significant shift towards video communication has occurred. The demand for webcams skyrocketed, emphasizing the importance of video conferencing as an efficient and personable way to connect teams. We encourage incorporating daily or twice-daily video chats, maintaining strong connections even as some employees return to the office.

Webcam Security Considerations

Webcams provide a window into employees’ and clients’ worlds, but they also present opportunities for hackers. Taking precautions to prevent unauthorized access is crucial. Limit webcam permissions to trusted platforms, and consider using a webcam cover when not actively using it. Simple measures like these can safeguard your privacy.

Elevated Security Concerns

Unscrupulous hackers are capitalizing on the uncertainties and fears surrounding COVID-19. Social engineering attempts and phishing attacks exploiting pandemic-related “news” have increased. As remote work became the norm, many individuals lacked enterprise-grade security measures. Going forward, it is vital to prioritize these seven security necessities to protect your business and employees.

Preparedness in the Face of Uncertainty

The pandemic exposed the importance of disaster preparedness planning. Many businesses found themselves unprepared for sudden shifts to remote work or curbside-only operations. It is crucial to document your plan, highlighting areas of success and improvement. The next time a crisis arises, businesses should be equipped to navigate challenges more seamlessly.

Adapting Events

Conferences and in-person meetings hold significant value for numerous industries. While some events have been canceled, others have successfully transitioned to online platforms. Virtual events cannot fully replicate the experience of face-to-face interactions, but embracing the growing virtual event culture can yield positive outcomes. Consider converting lunch and learns to webinars, training events to streamed sessions, and even social events to online alternatives. Embracing technology allows connections to thrive, even in the absence of physical gatherings.

The Future Workforce

A recent Gallup poll indicated that remote work increased from 31% to 62% during the pandemic, with 60% of employees expressing a preference to continue working from home. Employers who create flexible work environments will likely retain top talent and foster a positive work culture. Remote and flexible work arrangements are the future, necessitating investments in culture-building, productivity tracking, and cloud infrastructure. Now is the time to establish remote work policies, determine remote work capabilities, and develop a technology roadmap to support your workforce.

Redefining Attendance Culture

A paradigm shift is required regarding sick leave policies. Encouraging a “rest when sick” philosophy is vital for employee well-being, team morale, and maintaining a healthy work environment. Remote work enables employees to continue working while sick, but it is crucial to acknowledge the importance of rest. Implement clear policies distinguishing between minor illnesses that can be managed at home and legitimate sick leave.

Moving Forward

As we eagerly navigate the path to a new normal, whether through continued remote work, phased returns, or full staff presence, adjustments in technology, culture, and strategy are necessary. We understand the importance of ensuring your organization is poised to thrive in this evolving age. Let this assessment guide you in the right direction.

29 May, 2020