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The Importance of Virtual Office Scalability: Is Your Technology Setup Ready?

25 September, 2020

Virtual office scalability should be at the forefront of your mind right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in the business world, highlighting the need for agility and adaptability. As markets fluctuate and business requirements evolve rapidly, it is crucial to have a technology setup that can easily scale to meet your changing employee needs. In this article, we will explore how virtual offices can provide the scalability your business requires.

A Recap on Virtual Office Scalability

A virtual office is a cloud-based system that centralizes all your office technologies, eliminating the need for on-premise servers. It enables seamless access to your applications and data from anywhere while maintaining robust security measures. With a virtual office, physical presence in a traditional office space becomes unnecessary for many employees.

Under a true virtual office setup, all your programs, communications, and storage operate as if you were in a physical office, regardless of the device you are using. Your managed service provider (MSP) monitors the network, ensuring a secure environment and promptly resolving any issues that arise.

Challenges in Pre-COVID Operations

Most businesses experience fluctuations in their employee needs over time, often driven by seasonal demands. However, hiring, replacing, relocating, or downsizing employees quickly has traditionally been a complex and time-consuming process. Finding workspace, providing equipment, and obtaining software licenses based on individual roles all present significant challenges. Moreover, maintaining and managing physical workspaces and equipment adds another layer of complexity.

Consequently, onboarding new hires, replacing departing employees, or scaling your workforce becomes a burdensome task. You may end up holding onto excess technology or facing constant scrambling whenever you need to make changes. Ineffective scaling can lead to lost productivity and missed opportunities, creating a dilemma for businesses.

Embracing the Solution: Virtual Office Scalability

Virtual offices provide a solution to scalability challenges. Let’s consider a hypothetical real-world example to illustrate the concept.

Imagine a company with 50 employees where the owner realizes that the sales, marketing, and accounting teams can perform their tasks effectively without being physically present in the office. As a result, the owner allows these employees to work from home using their own devices. Remote servers handle the computing, eliminating concerns about computer speed or age. Traditional VPN security concerns also become irrelevant. As long as employees have a stable internet connection, they can work seamlessly.

Later on, the owner decides to scale up the staffing to prepare for a busy season. A simple call to their MSP is all it takes to set up the new licenses required for the additional employees within an hour. No waiting for hardware provisioning or deployment. IT can handle scaling seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition.

Seizing the Opportunity for Virtual Office Scalability

The year 2020 has transformed our perception of a traditional office environment, but the shift towards virtual office solutions has been underway for years. Leveraging current technology and infrastructure, implementing a virtual office has never been easier.

If you are struggling with a fragmented system hastily put together earlier this year or seeking a more scalable technology setup, contact us today. Virtual office scalability is a critical aspect that all businesses should prioritize. We can demonstrate the affordability and efficiency of a virtual office solution and help you transition your business into the future. Despite the challenges we’ve faced, this year has provided an opportunity to propel our businesses forward. Let’s embrace it together.

25 September, 2020