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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Technology

25 March, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often depicted as a futuristic concept associated with synthetic consciousness in Hollywood movies and science-fiction novels. However, in reality, AI refers to processes or systems that perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as problem-solving, medical diagnostics, and emotion recognition.

AI has already become an integral part of our daily lives, although many people may not be aware of its presence. Consider your routine activities: browsing the internet, shopping online, or streaming content on platforms like Netflix, HULU, or Amazon Prime. These interactions involve AI technology.

AI in Netflix

Netflix offers unique AI solutions that have a significant impact on users and the business itself. One prominent example is personalized recommendations. Netflix analyzes user history and suggests content based on what other users with similar preferences have watched. This benefits both users, who receive tailored recommendations, and Netflix, as it keeps viewers engaged and subscribed.

Another application of AI in Netflix is the auto-generation of artwork and thumbnails. These customized thumbnails are based on thousands of video stills from a particular movie, ranked according to their likelihood of generating clicks. Netflix further enhances this technology by analyzing user behavior and identifying popular thumbnails, such as those featuring a favorite actor.

AI in Advertising

AI plays a crucial role in transforming advertising at every level, from ad creation to audience targeting and ad purchasing. Brands leverage AI to identify target audiences, build creative ads, improve ad performance, and optimize customer spending. This automation occurs at scale and in real-time, leveraging the vast amount of data available through digital advertising, including impressions, click-through rates, and demographics.

AI-powered advertising tools analyze data patterns and make predictions to enhance ad performance within seconds. This level of analysis and improvement would take humans hours or even weeks to achieve manually. Additionally, behavioral advertising, which uses methods like cookie profiling, enables marketers to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience.

The Hidden Nature of AI

AI often operates in the background, unnoticed by users. Unlike the depictions in movies like “I, Robot” or “The Bicentennial Man,” AI is more akin to a hidden presence, much like Bruce Willis’ character in “The Sixth Sense.” As a rapidly developing area of information technology, AI offers immense potential. As a trusted Managed Service Provider of IT support, we can assist you in implementing AI tools for your business while ensuring the security of your data. Contact us with any questions you may have.

25 March, 2021